Work Safe HSE

Site Induction

Work Safe and HSE legislation will require the Builder to conduct site specific inductions on each and every job a worker attends. Everyone has a white / blue card, but a regular review is worthwhile. A simple question “What is the next tag and test colour?” will reveal a worker’s commitment to safety. All workers should leave site in the same way they arrived, rather than an ambulance. The following is a checklist of the main points of a site induction which are especially relevant. Try it.


The induction register of workers, the JSA’s from Head Contractors and their respective MSDS’s will ensure you have fulfilled the salient points. This will cover you in the event of an accident and any subsequent insurance claim. First of all don’t assume due to the workers sub-contractors status they are liable for themselves and therefore you are not responsible. Adequate Insurance Cover is a must in the event of a worker’s compensation claim due to the litigious nature of many service providers. There have been awards made by the courts that have exceeded the maximum limit of the insured’s policy. A Perth Court ordered a residential builder to pay a worker $7.5 million. His policy had a maximum limit of $5 million, therefore he was horribly underinsured.

Sample Induction

In conclusion undertake the following sample Work Safe HSE induction step by step and ensure sure it is being understood. If the worker has limited understanding of English insist the head contractor interprets since  it is mandatory. Finally, check the head contractor’s certificate of currency because if the policy has lapsed you may be liable.

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