Site Management and Supervision 1

Site Management and Supervision

At 8m we also undertake short term contract site management and supervision as a result of holidays, sickness and personal problems. Furthermore if there is the emergency or after hours attendance like the night shift on fit-out work we can manage any of the milestones until your regular supervisor is back on board.

We also undertake MS Project updates in the absence of your regular site manager / supervisor and consequently  maintain all HSE requirements like inductions JSA and MSDS registers. 

If there has been a falling out, it may be best to get the site management and supervision done by 8m. This will enable you to reach the next milestone with the relationship with your client intact.

The Lock Up stage

A significant milestone is when the building achieves the lock up stage. This will be an indicator of any potential future conflict and if a client is spoiling for a fight this is the time they will show their hand. This will be especially relevant when the client withholds the lock up progress claim until you attend to a list of defects. An MS Project will illustrate the attention to any defects will concur with the finishing trades. This may not always appease them and consequently they still hold up the progress payment.

EOT Claim

They are in effect holding you to ransom and therefore entitling you to an extension of time. It is easy to revise the MS Project making the items a predecessor of the finishing trades and this is evident if there is an EOT dispute later.

If the clients are decent folks and pay their lock up claim it is the best time to program any outstanding work with the finishing trades. If you reach this milestone successfully the practical completion will follow.

Site Management and Supervision 2

As illustrated the client’s concerns have been addressed and will be completed during the fixing out stage. Sometimes it is worth spending $200 on the MS Project to ensure payment of $50k for a lock up progress claim.

Practical Completion

Finally, prior to the PCI it’s best to anything you know the client will bring up at the handover meeting. It will then be just a formality and in addition it affords you the opportunity to emphasise any items listed don’t affect practical completion.

Payment at handover

Many clients imply that the final account is payable when you remedy the listed items and consequently wish to withhold the final payment until then. Often the completion of these lists does not result in a payment, but merely another list. Monies are due and payable at the handover because this is when responsibility passes to the client.

Finality is Essential

Project builders don’t grant possession if payment is not forthcoming. No bankers cheque or EFT, no keys. Although some minor aspects of the project may still be unfinished, the client can move in at their own convenience. When you hand over the keys to the property, it then becomes their responsibility. This includes gas installation, electricity, and insurance for the building, contents and everything else associated with the building. If a graffiti yob tags the house it’s their problem and that’s why finality is essential.

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