Schedule of Rates

Initial meeting with yourselves and basic monitoring and reporting of debtors exceeding 14 days past the due date.

1) Commitment, meeting and account setup. (fixed)                                                                                          $128.00

Weekly Debtor Activity Monitoring $50 per week thereafter. (usually about 6 clients)

2) Site visit (Perth metro)                                                                                                                                              $154.00

3) MS Project with defects included to the next milestone.                                                                             $280.00

So for a workmanship issue using MS Project for resolution a PO of $562.00 will be required

Construction Contracts Act 2004

4) Preparation of Affidavit and submission of the adjudication application.                                             $188.00

Therefore for an adjudication application a PO for $470.00 will be required.

The Building Commission

5) Responses to workmanship complaints (usually just 1 major item and 6 trivial)                                  $188.00

6) Responses to contractual issues (variations, extensions of time and counter claims)                       $188.00

Hence for a complete submission to the BC on workmanship matters in accordance with this schedule of rates the amount will be $470.00 for for items 1,2 and 5. Furthermore as the BC constantly require answers during this process due to clarification of items of complaint, 8m will incur further costs and and as such we will require a PO of $600.00. We always inform our clients of any further costs as events unfold, however we also promptly reimburse unused credits.

It is imperative that the matter does not progress into a BRO and as a result, unnecessary time and expense. If this happens the BC will issue a provisional BRO for review and we will advise on costs to avoid this.


As the BC determines matters only on what is before them without any evidence it is possible the BC can issue a BRO wrongfully and therefore the only course of action available will be a request to the SAT for a review as illustrated on the Formal Dispute Resolution page.

7) Initial Application to the SAT                                                                                                                                  $188.00

8) Subsequent submissions and witness statements each.                                                                              $182.00

So if 8m’s involvement commences after the issue of the BRO we will require a PO for $834.00 for items 1,2 and 7 and 2 witnesses.

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