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Expert Witness

When a workmanship issue is the subject of a review request of a BRO, the SAT will order the lodgement of a witness statement from an expert witness in support of claims made in the submission of a Scott Schedule. You will therefore have to do the same to support your own views. First of all, these are professional opinions and not facts. Secondly, they in no way reflect on your own qualifications and awards. Some experts may have limited qualifications and experience and therefore will base the level of perfection required in the Building Code of Utopia. The testimony of an expert witness is a neutral assessment of the work. It is not supporting either party, and consequently both experts should be able to reach an agreement between themselves as to what is a fair quality.


At 8m our expert witness statements will be of notable prowess and as a result admissible. They will be a totally honest and neutral view. A Chartered Builder who has managed and supervised the successful completion of hundreds of Commercial and Residential projects. This experience has resulted in 25 Building Excellence Awards and an AIB Professional Excellence Award. An HIA judge who has assessed hundreds of houses for the homes of the year competition covering categories:

Energy Conservation

Small Lots

South West Awards

Homes over One Million Dollars

For structural issues you can use the engineer who did the design for Shire Approval or the 8m Chartered Engineer.

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We at 8M  have one goal, to get you out of the dispute with the least effort and cost to you. Having been in the dispute resolution arena for a long time, we’ve witnessed and handled all manner of building conflicts. We have also participated in many forums that seek to streamline the conflicts resolution platforms in Australia. It’s also what gives us the referrals.Press the number below, or click the email address.     08 6162 0312