Thanks Guys.

Appreciate the feedback.


You now know all about us, why there is a need for such a service in WA and finally what your needs will cost. Every case will be different in much the same way as all the homes and commercial premises you build will be different. Dependant on the whims and particular needs of your clients.


Something that has not permeated any of these pages which is important to include in your contact with us is the need for frankness. If you know something that may affect the outcome of the case tell us and not just hope it doesn’t raise its ugly head. It may be an initial request omitted from the contract documents and as a result the relationship with your client soured. Sure, the client signed the contract without the inclusion, nevertheless there still remains the obligation. There could be an email, a conversation overheard by a third party, a picture or reference number of a specific product. All these things are evidence and could ambush you and affect a favourable outcome so tell us.


Looking forward to a mutually successful and worthwhile partnership.