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Consumers are a requisite part of the building industry. Reasonable people , always know exactly what they desire before you do the work, pay their account on time and never change their mind. However there are a few exceptions that you subsequently remember forever, an education that is not on any college syllabus. The building process can also bring out the worst in people, just like the really nice chap behind the wheel of a car, suddenly turning into a Frankenstein, hogging the road, never giving way and shouting abuse at pedestrians. Unfortunately, due to the stress of the unknown building has the same effect, turning the most cordial of folks into monsters.

Workmanship Complaints

The Cabinet Makers Association of America researched a large sample of their member’s clients to help the contractors become more successful and in conclusion found that about 20% of those sampled accepted the contract price but were averse to a profit being made on their project. These clients ensured this happened by demanding remedial work prior to payment. The Association therefore advised their members that to be a successful cabinet maker in America the magic formula was to avoid that 20%. If only the contractors knew who they were before signing the contract! I’m sure the Australian consumer is not that deliquent however a difficult job is always better than a difficult client.

How about the consumer who ensures they never pay the contracted price? They will invent a workmanship issue to do this. The Building Commission Inspectors realise this, but their role is administrative not judicial and as a result are incapable of doing anything. The squeaky wheel will always get the oil.

Holidays in Asia are the best time to see these people perform, haggling with a street trader for over an hour over the cost of a T shirt. The vacation is costing them $25 per hour and they want to save 50 cents. Madness at it’s finest.


We’ve all had clients

like this!

Inventing a building

dispute to avoid

paying the final


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