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Builders – A fine bunch of lads

Dealing with builders in our work and the building industry in general (Judging the Homes of the Year for the HIA) the builders we encounter are without exception, professional, courteous and decent people. Considering all the red tape, hoops and hurdles required by the BC, (the technical qualifications necessary to become registered builders) it’s hardly surprising. Nevertheless, even distinguished builders fall fowl of difficult clients on occasion. Satisfaction is subjective and there are those clients who see the relationship as one of Master / Servant. Their expectations will differ accordingly.


Misdirected personal problem may be at play. According to the Australian Women’s Weekly building can be quite stressful, therefore exacerbating  otherwise insignificant matters beyond reason. The tune playing on a tradesman’s radio irritated them, their cat is at the vet, who knows? None of this is in the agreement so it should not concern you. At least at 8m all this is at arms length, affording us the opportunity of seeing the project to it’s natural conclusion, an amicable handover. This will maintain the relationship between you. After the dust settles on their shiny new home and they receive compliments from friends and relatives. They will look back on their relationship with you with affection. (at the time of conflict you don’t see this)

A few months later the recommendations from them start to follow

Builders are diligent honourable people with the best intentions at heart and that is doing the best job they can for their clients. It’s often reported in the media about builders doing shoddy work, and ripping people off. Who and where are these people? Nobody in the Industry ever knows them and how do they obtain their work in the first place. Given the competitive nature of the industry it doesn’t seem real.

The public’s

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Builders as

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We at 8M  have one goal, to get you out of the dispute with the least effort and cost to you. Having been in the dispute resolution arena for a long time, we’ve witnessed and handled all manner of building conflicts. We have also participated in many forums that seek to streamline the conflicts resolution platforms in Australia. It’s also what gives us the referrals.Press the number below, or click the email address.   08 6162 0312