Alternate Dispute Resolution 1

Alternate Dispute Resolution 

With the SAT and the CCA 2004 there should never be a need for costly and time consuming litigation. Why not opt for Alternate Dispute Resolution instead of settling matters just before the trial like the other 95% of similar cases. After both sides have spent a fortune. (often exceeding the dispute amount) Why not pretend you have spent the fortune first and go straight to the settlement. You can then use the money saved on a world cruise. Life’s too short to waste on legal formalities. 


Always maintain control and not let matters slip into the hands of third parties like the BC, afterall they have no sense of urgency. The making of false or exaggerated allegations to the BC is common practice so it’s imperative the true facts are before them when they make their decision to issue a BRO. Prevent this from happening rather than having to request the SAT for a review of the BC decision.

Dispute Resolution Process 

Stalled projects cost resources and fuel frustration. At 8M we’ve experienced all facets of building construction, heard all the complaints before, so it’s just another day at the office. We are also not emotionally involved. Builders take pride in their work so criticism is often taken personally, when the reality is the client is just trying to get a discount. What makes us the preferred choice in dealing with these matters is our familiarity with standard building contracts from AS2124, the HIA and MBA residential documents. Mid-tier commercial projects and residential homes.

It’s nice to resolve disagreements prior to the dispute occurring.

It’s cheaper, less time consuming and more satisfying reaching the result we set out to achieve, early.


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We at 8M  have one goal, to get you out of the dispute with the least effort and cost to you. Having been in the dispute resolution arena for a long time, we’ve witnessed and handled all manner of building conflicts. We have also participated in many forums that seek to streamline the conflicts resolution platforms in Australia. It’s also what gives us the referrals.Press the number below, or click the email address.   08 6162 0312