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Having been in the Building Industry for decades, it is evident that there is no cost effective and timely way of dealing with building complaints. First of all there are the standard building reports bandied about by both parties like games of chess. These building reports lead to conflict and therefore difficult clients. The other more formal systems open to builders can lead to greater amounts of money being expended than the dispute in question and furthermore take forever to resolve. Accordingly we have set up a system to deal with these common differences. Sometimes there has been a communication problem where the client was expecting one thing but received another. Maybe you have used a different sub-contractor who hasn’t worked to your usual standard, it happens.

We defined these problems into 8 modules. (8m) Resolving differences at these milestones enables the project to progress harmoniously and as a result, a happy client. These modules are the 6 progress claims plus the pre-contract and maintenance period. Our experience has been if you can reach a milestone successfully the next will follow. It is important you remain in control without the intervention of third parties. With 8m in the background you will be able to keep on top of the game consequently addressing issues as and when they arise.

Building Reports

The obtaining of a building report by a client is a means of taking control of the project and will subsequently be used later in evidence. There are many unqualified operators producing such reports and they only fuel the problem. 8m utilise MS Project bearing your company’s logo listing your client’s concerns and how and when you will deal with them in the normal course of construction. This is usually sufficient to put matters at rest.

We have experience managing many types of projects


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We at 8M  have one goal, to get you out of the dispute with the least effort and cost to you. Having been in the dispute resolution arena for a long time, we’ve witnessed and handled all manner of building conflicts. We have also participated in many forums that seek to streamline the conflicts resolution platforms in Australia. It’s also what gives us the referrals.Press the number below, or click the email address.

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